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Orthosis Care and Use Guide

An orthosis is a bio-mechanical device that may be used to improve walking, offer protection, prevent deformity, control motion or decrease weight on a limb. Your orthosis is custom made to your doctor’s prescription and specifications and may provide any number of the functions mentioned above.

What to wear with your brace

  • Always wear a cotton interface between the orthosis and your skin. For AFOs (ankle braces) this should be in the form of a sweat sock, for knee braces - a cotton knee sleeve, for body jackets - a cotton T-shirt, and for arm braces - a cotton undersleeve.

  • Any orthosis that encompasses the foot MUST have a proper fitting shoe to be worn at all times with the brace. This is so you do not get hurt and/or your brace does not get damaged.

Helpful skincare advice

  • When you remove your orthosis examine your skin carefully.

  • You may see large pink areas on your body. This is normal. They will fade 15-20 minutes after the brace is removed.

  • Wash daily with mild soap and water.

  • Dry your skin thoroughly with a towel.

Maintenance tips

  • Wipe your orthosis once a week with a cloth and cool water and mild soap to minimize the chance of skin irritation. Bacteria may build up on your brace.

  • Dry your brace thoroughly with a towel before putting it on.

  • Do not place your brace near high heat. This could change the shape and fit of your orthosis.

  • Clean the Velcro straps with a toothbrush, as necessary.

When to contact the Orthotist 

  • If skin problems arise (excessive redness, edge pressure pain, or blisters).

  • If you gain (or lose) 10 lbs. or more.

  • If the rivets loosen, or break.

  • If the joints loosen or break.

  • If the straps or buckles break.

  • If the Velcro stops sticking.

  • Before seeing the Orthotist for adjustments, be sure to have worn your brace for at least 30 minutes, if possible. This will allow the Orthotist to see the skin response and reaction to the pressure from the brace.


 Not sure? Please feel free to call NBB Orthotics and ask to speak to your orthotist for clarification of your questions.