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Our Commitment To Quality Patient Care

As your are aware Health Care Reform has put pressure on medical care providers to lessen choices and make medical decisions based solely on cost, thus reducing the quality of patient care.

Many insurance plans have strict rules and regulations regarding patient referrals. Some require the physician to call directly, explaining the medical necessity of the brace. Many plans will deny payment if their procedures are not adhered to. Certain plans require the patient to use an “in-network” orthotist. However, many plans do allow the option of using an “out of network” provider and still provide coverage.

It is our policy at N.B.B. Orthotics, Inc. to never compromise the quality of your care. We always have and will continue to offer state of the art bracing using the latest technology, to all of our patients.

You the patient might sometimes have to make a tough decision as to which brace you receive. The choice will always be yours. Our responsibility is to present you with all the information and options available.

We at N.B.B. Orthotics, Inc. are committed to providing you with the highest standards of care.